Customized to the Core

    From the base to the topsheet and everything in-between, your preferences and personality determine the design of your custom skis throughout our process. Every curve counts. Each material matters. We use your input to craft the right balance within your skis, whether they are built for the backcountry or the groomers. Help us make your own skis in our studio, or just take a look at our process in this slideshow.

  • DESIGN: We begin by using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create templates for the key elements of your custom skis. Each of these parameters is tailored to your height, weight, skiing ability and terrain preferences.
  • MATERIAL SELECTION: We can fine-tune the flex and weight of your skis by carefully selecting the right materials. If you are heading to the backcountry, we can add structural foam and carbon fiber to lighten your load. If you want to carve trenches in the corduroy, we can increase torsional stiffness with Titanal metal.
  • GRAPHICS: Whether you send us your own ski graphics or choose to work with one of our local Jackson Hole artists, our sublimation printing process ensures that the ink of your artwork is fully embedded into your ski's topsheet.
  • CUTTING SKI MATERIALS: Using the templates created in the CAD software, our industrial CNC router precisely cuts the base of your skis and accurately profiles the laminated wood core. Every pair of Maiden Skis is crafted with a maple wood core and a sintered base, but you can opt for a graphite base if you'd like a faster ride.
  • EDGE BENDING: Once the bases of your skis have been cut out, we hand-bend the hardened edges into place.
  • LAYUP: Everything comes together during the layup process, which starts with the application of epoxy between the layers and ends with your ride coming to life in our ski press.
  • FINISHING: After your ski materials have been pressed together and cooled, they are carefully hand-trimmed to match the existing shape of the bases. The sidewalls of your custom skis are beveled as well.
  • GRINDING: With the finish line in sight, we grind the bases flat and smooth out the sides of your skis with a wet belt sander and stone grinder.
  • TUNING AND WAXING: During the last step before the snow, the edges of your custom skis are polished and hand-tuned to a razor-sharp finish. Graphite wax is also applied to the base for a smooth, quick ride. After spending four hours in the hot box to allow the wax to be fully absorbed, your new skis are ready for their Maiden voyage!