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A Striking Sit-Ski for Teton Adaptive Sports & Watershed Jackson

Maiden Skis: Sit Ski, Teton Adaptive Sports.

Teton Adaptive Sports and Watershed Jackson share a mission to help outdoor adventurers thrive despite their disabilities. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Jackson Hole organizations to handcraft a custom sit-ski that would highlight the possibilities out there for aspiring adaptive skiers.

Most sit-skiers today use off-the-shelf skis underneath their heavy equipment. Exposed to forces they were not designed to withstand, those skis often break in the center. As a solution, we designed a sit-ski that is not only wider and more robust in the middle, but also tailored to the unique turns of an adaptive skier.

Our progressive sit-ski needed to be accompanied by imaginative graphics, so Teton Adaptive Sports and Watershed Jackson reached out to local artists to auction off the look of our custom ride. The winner, Camille Davis, was announced at the inaugural Watershed Jackson Gala last November, and her stunning feather etching perfectly conveyed the swift feel of our sit-ski on the mountain.

Though it would look right at home in an art studio thanks to Camille’s graphics, our donated sit- ski was put to work in Teton Adaptive Sports’ equipment fleet, which helps adaptive skiers progress at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort. To learn more about the sit-skis we build for adaptive skiing programs and individual riders, browse our custom sit-skis page.

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