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Handmade Skis for Hard-Charging Sisters

Maiden Skis For Sisters.

As young skiers who usually rip 100 days during a Jackson Hole winter, Damaris and Liberty McDonald each needed a killer pair of all-mountain skis that could take a beating and still look cool in the process. We invited the hard-charging sisters to our studio, where we designed personalized skis that combined the best elements of their previous off-the-shelf planks.

Though they share a lot in common as sisters, Damaris and Liberty showcased their stoke for the snow differently with their choice of ski graphics. We worked with Liberty to design artwork based on the flag of Wyoming, including its American bison silhouette and red, white and blue colors. Meanwhile, Damaris wanted to harness her girl power in the powder, so we decked out her skis with the iconic graphic of Rosie the Riveter from the 1940s.

Both sisters had a blast helping us bond the layers of their skis together during the layup process. They spread epoxy between the base, fiberglass, wood core and topsheet of their skis, and then watched as everything began to come together in our high-pressure ski press. After the finishing process was complete, Damaris and Liberty couldn’t wait for their Maiden voyage at the mountain.

The McDonald sisters will go through countless skis in their lifetime, but their Maiden skis will be hard to forget after all the attention and creativity that they put into the project. If you’re thinking about a new pair of skis for yourself or a loved one, check out our custom skis page to learn more about the boundless possibilities at Maiden Skis.

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